Enjoying Heritage Tourism

Relaxing and enjoying your vacation can be much more meaningful when you take the time to learn more about the rich culture and history of your destination. Dont pass on the opportunity to know how all the sights, sounds and tastes that you are enjoying came to be. Understanding the Culture and Heritage Tourism in your destination allows you to have deeper connections with the people in the places you

World-Known Heritage Sites

One of the most popular Caribbean heritage tourism destinations is Barbados and its capital city, Bridgetown, is must-see during your Barbados vacation. This port, along with its garrison, was hailed as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2011. The towns planning and layout trace a heritage that combined European architectural style and African hard work.

Historically, this place also traces a military history thats evidenced by its garrison. The port was also known as – and is still considered to be – a hub for trade and a melting pot of cultures.

For the modern traveller, this location has places where you can shop, dine and enjoy the sights of fishing boats right by Chamberlain Bridge. It is a draw bridge that is lifted up when tall ships enter the estuary and want to motor to safe harbour further up the Constitution River. The historic cityscape can also be enjoyed in a more relaxed manner while sitting on one of the benches in Independence Square.

Another centuries-old heritage site that has captured world attention is the Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill. This place is listed as one of the worlds 100 Most Endangered Sites by the World Monuments Fund. Visit the Mill to see the largest and the only functional windmill in the island today as well as old pictures of the sugar glory days.

Historical Houses and Churches

There are some houses in Barbados that have been around for centuries, including the Arlington House, the Great House at the Fisherpond Plantation, and the Sunbury Plantation House. Parts of these houses were converted into museums and opened to locals and tourists.

What used to be the working area of the Arlington House, for instance, is now an interactive museum. The new owner of the nearly four-centuries-old Fisherpond Plantation property has also restored the Great House to bring it back to the way it looked in 1635 when it was built. You can also visit the Sunbury Plantation House for a glimpse of plantation life in the 1600s.

It would also be of interest to see how the architecturally intricate centuries-old St. Johns Parish Church (originally built in 1660 and then rebuilt in 1836) was a witness to the history that unfolded in Barbados.

Military Structures

Two heritage tourism spots in particular speak of the military history of Barbados as a British Colony: the Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station and the Gun Hill Signal Station. Both were built in the 1800s and were restored and opened for public viewing.

These stations were built to facilitate communication and to warn the military about incoming ships and brewing slave rebellions. Today, you can visit these stations to see artifacts and even listen to audio tapes.

Theres more to add to this list of heritage sites to visit during your Barbados vacation. You can ask your local tour operator about more of these sites so you can choose to visit the ones that you are more interested in learning about. Dont limit your vacation to just the sandy beaches. You can soak up some of the tropical Barbados sunshine while enjoying the heritage sites, too.

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